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Firefox’s Australis update simplifies and meshes with mobile reality

You remember Firefox right? Yes, that’s the web browser you were probably using right before you got on the Chrome bandwagon. Well, your former browser has undergone a major facelift with its Australis update and it looks really good. So good, in fact, that many might be tempted to jump back on Firefox and wonder why they got off Firefox in the first place. The update is that good. So what is to like about the new interface?

Mobile friendly

Above all else, Australis simplifies and unifies Firefox’s look so that it looks good across all platforms-from small smartphone screens, to many different table sizes, to your notebook, and, of course, your desktop. This is a big deal since most people wouldn’t want any surprises or minor kinks when switching from one device to another. Firefox is solidly focused on a smooth transition. Another thing that is awesome about this update is that the active tab is, well more active, while the rest is more transparent. Also, the main menu function is easier to use. The layout of the menu is obviously due to the need to simplify it for touch pad and small screen users. However, it feels intuitive and easy even if you were using Australis on a desktop. Overall, the new Australis update and the message it brings to the rest of the tech world shows that Firefox is still alive and kicking-and relevant. Which brings up my pet peeve with Chrome-as big as Chrome is nowadays, one key reason why many users still haven’t migrated from Firefox to Chrome is that there are still many apps and extensions that exist only on FF. Maybe if Chrome fixes this, it’s domination of the browser space would be complete. Thankfully, this isn’t going to happen since many of these extensions and plugins’ developers subscribe to the health idea that market diversity is a good thing. We wouldn’t want Google swallowing everything now, would we?

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