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YouTube comment marketing all turns on ROI

How many times have you heard in online marketing forums that people are making money off Youtube? While you would be justified and correct in dismissing much of these claims as hype or puffery to push the latest and greatest Youtube spam-related software tool, the truth is people can make money off the biggest video site on the planet. You just have to get your offer in front of the right eyeballs. You also have to get tons of eyeballs. And this is precisely what Youtube comment marketing brings to the table-you can get people searching for your content or get them to view your videos.

It is easy to get excited about Youtube comment marketing techniques. First of all, you can snipe the videos you comment on. You can pick videos that don’t get much comments so you can ensure that your comments remain very visible for a long time to come. You can also use your comments to divert attention to your youtube videos. Your videos, each being worth a thousand words, can work harder than your text in getting your prospects to open their minds to your value proposition. You can use Youtube search to find the right keywords so you can get targeted traffic to your offer. All these are well and good but the problem is this pesky little concept called ROI-return on investment.

Even if you are paying a Filipino or Indian video commenter $1 to $2 an hour, the comments you get posted on Youtube videos might not generate enough sales to justify the costs of the comments campaign. This is especially true if you are promoting a low value niche. You have to make sure the ROI figures make sense or else Youtube video commenting is a waste of time. First, make sure that if your offer page makes a sale, the sale is large enough to cover your Youtube comment labor costs by a factor of 500% or more. Next, make sure the comments are posted on fairly static pages. Finally, make sure the comments are posted on highly relevant videos. These precautions aim to boost your overall ROI. Finally, make sure you promote a video on Youtube which goes a long way in promoting your brand.