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Recent Apple acquisition hints at what may be in store for AppleTV

As we have written earlier, AppleTV is the once and future TV technology that has yet to arrive. No, I am not talking about those gimpy ‘Internet TV’ set top boxes that many people equate with the new generation of TV. AppleTV was supposed to be bigger than that. There’s no half-stepping here. Indeed, after the way the iPod, the iPhone, and iPad completely revolutionized the mobile music/music download, mobile phone, and mobile computing markets, one would be justified in expecting nothing less than an earth-shattering transformation from the House The Two Steves built, right? This is why the recent Apple acquisition of Kinect technology maven PrimeSense gives true Apple fans hope that Apple’s AppleTV project is not just far from dead but is actually being guided by Tim Cook to come out swinging for the fences.

It’s all on you, Tim

Let’s face it-since the death of Steve Jobs, there have been no earth shattering technology news from Apple. Sure, Apple made the iPad smaller. Sure, Apple released a cheap plastic version of the iPhone 5 (which, as we’ve written earlier, might not be cheap enough to stop Apple’s market share bleeding in the Third World). But these are stop gap measures. These moves are like rearranging the bandages of a massive nasty bullet wound. The Apple Faithful demand something awesome. They want revolutionary. They want Grand. They want Game changers. In short, they want what Steve Jobs would want. Maybe that should be Apple’s new product development motto: WWSW? What would Steve Want? Since Kinect tech is awesome, we’re hoping this PrimeSense acquisition leads to bigger and better things for the AppleTV. So far, the only thing big and ‘better’ is the price tag of the deal: a whopping $345 million. While this might be mere scrotal scrapings for Apple, this represents a huge technology investment in any other deal-especially given the fact that it is for the acquisition of supplemental technology.