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Skully P1 helmet’s overhead display solves pesky problems-and creates new ones

You really can’t blame startup helmet maker Skully with coming up with the P1. The concept for this helmet aims to solve two serious threats to motorcycle riders anywhere on the planet-cars and trucks. If you are rocketing down a highway at an ungodly speed, chances are high that you might get into an accident if you don’t see a car or truck behind you. Taking a cue from Google Glass’ great field of vision due to its overhead display, the Skully P1 helmet helps you see what is behind you through a rear view display and also helps you see what’s around you through a heads up display. Sounds awesome right? Well, just as it is awesome to incinerate ants with a flamethrower in your house, the possible distraction this device can cause, thanks to a Bluetooth feature, might create more problems than it solves. After all, when you use this device, you aren’t going off on a nice leisurely stroll. No, you’re barreling down a highway at top legal speeds and the margin for error is very very small. Any distraction, any miscalculation, any bad timing might make for a possibly fatal accident.

While the Skully P1 embodies a step in the right direction, it does open several questions and we’d be interested how this angel-funded company can resolve these questions. Prior to doing that, the Skully P1 is really just a turbo-charged high speed version of Google Glass.

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