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Android Tablets Step up to Eight Inch Standardization

It used to be that when you mention the word “mini” or “mini tab”, you are of course talking about the seven inch frame for mobile devices. As we have reported, Apple has taken up Samsung’s initiative to step up the size of mobile phones to larger and larger footprints. It looks like the same trend is afoot in the tablet space.

According to sales figures and market intelligence, more and more consumers are comfortable with an eight inch mini tablet. As a result, Android makers are unveiling eight inch versions of their tablets. Will this mean that the tablets will continue to get bigger and bigger with each passing year? Possible. What it does mean is that consumers would have a lot more to play with and more importantly they would access more robust apps with this bigger space. The takeaway here is that the tablet space is still evolving. There is still no magic or classic formula as to how big the tablet space is. In fact, if everything is in flux, a lot of people get a lot of use regarding Skype and other apps on the tablet but there’s still a lot of room for growth.

The mix of apps for tablets is still far from settled. It still remains to be seen how this technology will stabilize. Still, there’s a lot to be excited about because tablets are still flying off the shelf and traditional computing devices whether they are desktops or laptops have stagnated. The takeaway is that with increased size, this would boost the usability and power of tablets and this would push traditional computing even further down. If you are playing the stock market, this is bad news for Microsoft and good news for app makers, Google and of course Samsung.

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