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YouTube Cofounder Slaps Google Assimilation of YouTube

A lot of people were shaking their heads when YouTube was acquired by Google. A lot of people were skeptical about the deal. They thought that Google was doing a typical Yahoo move. Remember that Yahoo bought and Geocities for billions of dollars and proceeded to basically do nothing substantial with them and as a result, Yahoo shut down the last Geocities page a few years ago, in other words, billions of dollars down the toilet. Skeptics of Google-YouTube deal thought that this was happening.

It turns out that YouTube has become a cornerstone and Google’s ongoing campaign to completely dominate the internet. YouTube sucks up traffic, make no mistake about it. It gets millions and millions of unique visitors every single day. It’s one of the consistently most popular online destinations on the planet. As a result, Google has really assimilated this website like the Borg and Star Trek. It started of course with assimilating its ad technology then it has moved into its user accounts. Now, you need to have a Google Plus account to comment on a video and Google Plus would publish your full name, at least the name that you give Google Plus. This is all part of Google’s effort to cut down on comment spam, trolling and of course boost Google Plus. After all, many skeptics look at the Google Plus as a herpes sores. It’s just something that you have to put up with permanently but thankfully, it goes away most of the time. You don’t have to think about it most of the time.

This has ruffled a few feathers and one of the cofounders of YouTube Jawed Karim actually posted his first comment on YouTube in eight years saying that “Why the fuck does he have to need a Google Plus account just to comment on a video?” the profanity does raise suspicions that maybe Karim’s account got hacked but regardless, his comment does post a slap to the assimilation of YouTube into Google’s overarching web strategy. Make no mistake about it, Google is serious about creating a seamless experience for people using Google online services. Like it or not, YouTube is part of Google’s empire and it can do whatever it wants.