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Silk Road Ressurecting

A lot of people were shocked when the online illegal drug dealing platform, Silk Road, was shut down by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation a few months back. People were shocked not so much that it was shut down. What they were shocked is that it took so long. Silk Road was a hidden site using the onion router anonymous server network available globally but it was operating out in the public. As long as you could access their networks, you can buy and sell drugs online. Also, thanks to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technology, you can buy and sell drugs and not have to worry about money laundering charges and your bank cooperating with authorities who will shut you down and land in jail. In fact Silk Road was so successful that literally billions of dollars worth of drug sales was going through that platform.

While the party was shut down by the feds and everybody thought that “that is that”, Dread Pirate Roberts, the guy behind this failed experiment is facing some serious charges. If evicted, he would probably be put away for a long period of time. As it turns out, just like with any other online property, if you have worked out to build a solid online brand, it would be very hard to kill that brand. Case and point? Silk Road has been resurrected. Another website claiming to be the successor of Silk Road has risen up from the original Silk Road’s ashes. So how much of this new Silk Road is the same as the old Silk Road? Well, according the old administrators of the previous Silk Road, they are the same people behind the new Silk Road. Even if these veterans didn’t put up Silk Road, chances are somebody else would.

The truth of the matter is that online drug sales has been validated. It is a multibillion dollar industry and it actually serves a very important market. What market is that? Well, the market is the people who don’t really like going to dangerous parts of town to buy drugs and possibly just getting shot and robbed. By putting these commercial activities a bit illegal online where transactions are quick and safe, a lot of lives are possibly saved and a lot of danger is subverted.

There’s a huge demand for it and that is why it is not a surprise that people would put up Silk Road part two. The truth is even if the Silk Road part two didn’t see the light of day, there are other illegal online sites out there because the model has been validated. The payment system, the secure communication methods and secure hosting has been validated as well. Just as we have written earlier, the federal authorities have been having to play whack a mole with this type of business model.