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iPad Mini Retina Display Availability Problems Pushes iMac Air

A lot of people were excited when Apple unveiled the price points for the iPad Mini with retina display, after all, retina display is truly amazing. It really turns your mobile device into a high definition graphic wonder gadget. It makes video viewing and picture browsing way more enjoyable than traditional lower resolution graphics display. This is why a lot of people are excited because the iPad Mini is more accessible in terms of price. If you offer it with the retina display capability, you basically get the computing power portability and mobility of the iPad Mini in a very budget friendly package.

Unfortunately, according to some industry observers it seems that Apple might be pushing people to actually step up to the iPad Air. The iPad Air is Google’s crown jewel in the tablet market, make no mistake about it. The problem is that its price packs quite a bit of sticker shocks— $499 a pop. That is why it is more than logical and reasonable for people to suspect Apple. By dragging its feet on stepping up the mass availability of the iPad Mini with retina display, it is gently pushing people towards the iMac Air. It makes all the sense in the world because a lot of Apple’s innovations of course go into the top product offering.

If they can’t get that profit and sales volume for the iMac Air, it might mean that the whole line may suffer. In a sense, this is kind of a subsidy but pushing people to step up to the iMac Air, Apple might be ensuring that the numbers are there for optimum development to keep pushing the iPad to higher and higher levels. Of course, this is all speculation since production glitches and manufacturing issues do pop up. As you well know, Apple outsources most of its iPad production and availability issues do crop up from time to time.

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