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eScan Releases Windows 8.1 Compatible Antivirus

eScan releases a windows 8.1 compatible antivirus software.

eScan releases a windows 8.1 compatible antivirus software.

eScan is an antivirus company that is quickly making a name for itself. Based in India, this content security and antivirus company has software packages that help people protect their computers from common online threats like viruses, spyware and other digital annoyances in the internet age. eScan has cloud security so it ensures that you’re not just protected locally with the installed version of the software on your computer but it all communicates with their cloud based systems so that your protection pretty much runs nonstop.

This is a very interesting approach because historically, antivirus programs have been purely local and then they would call out to the server to maybe get updates and patch up the antivirus software. With eScan’s approach, it is more of a robust conversation between your computer and a larger security network provided by eScan. eScan is definitely working towards the right direction because cloud computing is the future. With its cloud security features, it definitely goes a long way in evolving passed the purely local security software model.

In keeping with the times, eScan has released Windows 8.1 compatible version of its software. This is not unexpected because a lot of developers saw the writing on the wall with Windows 8. While Windows 8 had a great vision, it just didn’t really click with people because of the massive break between Windows 7 and 8. Windows 8.1 is some sort of a bridge solution to people that were frankly put off by Windows 8. So far, there has been a lot of good initial reviews of Windows 8.1. If anything, this makes scanning more relevant in the highly competitive antivirus and the online security space.