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ESET Adds Training to Its Security Features in Latest Update

ESET launch online training modules.

ESET launch online training modules.

ESET, the maker of the NOD32 Antivirus and Smart Security Software Package, is fast making a name for itself on the internet. Among people whose jobs involve taking care of data systems and corporate networks, ESET has quickly established a reputation of being hard to fool. In the antivirus business, there are a lot of ways to fool or at least install antivirus packages so that Trojans and other viruses can infect your computers— not so with ESET.

ESET has made a name for itself for being proactive in regards to detecting suspicious behavior. What this means is that it doesn’t wait until an actual infection has been detected and a patch or an update has been sent out. This is what other antivirus software packages do. They wait for some sort of latest online bulletin and then they update. If you are the receiving end of a late breaking infection, this might be too little too late and this is exactly where ESET stands out. It has built in detection mechanisms that sniff out suspicious activities so it doesn’t have to wait for the update that everybody else is sharing. It’s very proactive in this way. No wonder, it is the preferred antivirus and antispyware package of many IT professionals.

ESET’s latest update really takes things to a whole new other level. Not only did it include standard features upgrade, security patches and whatnot but it also included online training modules that help people to become more secure in how they navigate online and compute. This is a great feature because most infections no longer happen because the virus is very tricky and it used some means to defeat the antivirus software. Most antivirus and security packages are up to the job of always being on and not being turned off. The problem is that a lot of the security breaches are basically due to human error and carelessness. This is precisely the problem that ESET is trying to resolve with its online training. Once again, this update is definitely a great reminder of why ESET is held in such high esteem.