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Pebble Steps up Just in Time for Upcoming Competition

Wireless watch maker Pebble has upgraded its software; its hardware is now IOS 7 compatible. What does this mean? It means that you would have more apps available on your smart watch and it allows notifications from your phone to talk to your Pebble watch. Instead of having to look at your phone for notifications, your watch will tell you that there was an update or a link breaking news or announcement from one of the apps that you subscribe to.

This is a great update for Pebble for many reasons. First, it makes Pebble truly useful. Before, its primary appeal was that it was a novelty. People thought that the idea of a smart watch was cute but as this device gained traction with the initial user base, people have realized that the whole point behind a smart watch is not really to replicate a smart phone; the whole point was to be an accessory to the phone.

One of the hassles of having a smart phone is that you get a lot of notifications and a lot of the times, you’re not around when those notifications get sent. Also, you would not mind what is sent to your phone because you use your phone to call and do other things. With a smart watch taking notifications, it actually enhances the value of the phone and that has been one of the ways Pebble is going to be positioned in the market. Also, Pebble has released a software development kit for people who are looking to develop applications for this smart watch.

It looks like the company is really trying to move quickly. We don’t blame them and it’s fully understandable because the wearable wireless tidal wave is coming on soon so you better get ready for this. These devices are going to be cheap and they’re going to quickly evolve in terms of functionality so it’s really a good idea that Pebble is stepping it up a bit and trying to accelerate the pace of its development. We shall soon see whether it’s too little or too late.