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AVG Antivirus To Pick Up Microsoft Security Essentials Slack For XP

Microsoft has been clear; it has been banging the drum for several years now. It will be ending its support of the highly popular Windows OS, XP. The XP is one of those Microsoft products that many people have just fallen in love with. While many people flat out hated the Windows 8 and Windows Vista, many people are still loyal to Windows XP. In fact, more than a people have said that it is the best OS Microsoft ever rolled out. Be that as it may, being a business, Microsoft is going to try to push people to newer versions of its operating system.

Accordingly, the company has announced that it will stop support for the XP OS this coming April. If you are an XP holdout, you may need to pay attention to Microsoft’s recent pronouncements. While lack of support for the XP can open you up to all sorts of vulnerability attacks that may surface after Microsoft stops supporting it, it can also leave you quite vulnerable here and now. How come? There is talk that Microsoft will also no longer support the Microsoft Security Essentials Antivirus Software for the XP. If this comes to pass, this is big news. Basically, Microsoft will be leaving you high and dry.

Well, in fairness to Microsoft, it has been saying all this time that the XP has reached its end of life stage. To be fair to Microsoft, it has been over a decade since the XP was released so maybe this is a wake up call to move on to Windows 7 or 8. However, if you are going to be a holdout and would still like to keep using Windows XP, the good news is that you can use AVG Antivirus and other antivirus softwares that will continue to support the XP platform. If you don’t mind Microsoft Security Essentials no longer supporting the XP, you can just uninstall that and install AVG Antivirus. AVG has a free version so you will definitely be covered as you stick it out with the XP.

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