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BloomNation Raises $1.56M

BloomNation is a very interesting startup. It is a commerce platform where people looking to buy flowers can buy directly from florists and floral designers. You’re probably thinking at this point that you should stop right here because 1-800-FLORIST and other similar services already exist. That is precisely Bloom Nation was founded. A lot of these other services are primarily middlemen that cut out a lot of the creativity and localized costs of flower sellers.

With BloomNation, they provide a platform where these companies can reach potential customers and keep more of their money. Compared to other marketing setups out there, florists actually lose out on a fairly large chunk of their possible income when they have to pay the marketing fees charged by these intermediary companies. This is what makes Bloom Nation quite attractive. It is kind of a lower level and more direct way of selling to consumers rather than a mere marketing platform that just spits out orders.

It has a lot of potential and it definitely validates the idea that just because there are others who seemingly have come up with a classic solution to our problem, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all problems have gone away. This company is definitely worth keeping an eye on as to how it develops and meets its target audiences’ needs.