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Shufflehub is the Solution for Lazy Online Shoppers

Make no mistake about it, shopping online can take a lot out of you. This is true especially if you’re not much of a shopper. If you’re the type of person that cringes at the possibility of having to go through a store’s inventory to look for something, Shufflehub might be just the website for you. Also, if you are a very busy person and you don’t really have the time to go through a store’s inventory but would rather quickly check any item that you may be interested in, Shufflehub might be the solution for you.

What Shufflehub does is that it aggregates data feeds from many top online retailers and all you need to do is pick a category and you slide through different pieces from many different retailers’ inventory. If you are looking for shoes for example and a particular shoe type, they would just show you the pictures of these different shoes and you just shuffle through the pictures until something catches your eye. When you’re ready to buy, you just click and you get taken to that online retailers’ order form. In other words, this is shopping reinvented for people who don’t have the time or people who just a simpler way to shop online.

Shufflehub has a lot going for it because it has gotten the lazy factor all covered, however, our analysis indicates that there should be a little bit more choice built in and possibly a better control system so you can get enough information regarding the item that you are thinking of buying. Overall, this is a great first start. We don’t see this as a finished product per se but it’s definitely compelling because convenience is key in today’s marketplace.