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Are Internet Marketing Forums a Waste of Time?

There are a lot of internet marketing forums on the web. In fact, the question is not to find one but which one to actually hang out with. As you can well imagine, just like with any other human community or human social grouping, forums tend to have many different segments because they tend to specialize in different types of marketers. There are forums that tend to cater for complete beginners or newbies. There are ones that are focused on intermediate to expert marketers and there are those that focus strictly on web development.

Given this diversity, it’s understandable for a lot of people to get confused. If you are a beginner and you go to an intermediate forum, not only may you get flamed but you may get banned for stupidity. On the other hand, if you are an expert marketer already and you have been around the block a few times and then you find yourself in a beginner forum, you might think everybody else is mentally challenged. These are the kinds of dramas that play out every single day in many forums.

There’s a lot of forums that specialize in a very common place and common sense questions. Many people would be shocked as to why these posts are even made because they are so obvious. What’s next? People will ask how do I turn on my computer or what is the internet but be that as it may, there is a certain value for such forums. On the other hand, there are forums that are so expert that it borders on illegality. Of course, I’m talking about black hat forums.

Are these marketing forums a complete waste of time? Not necessarily. It all depends on what your needs are. Also, a lot of those newbie forums are actually great to sell make money online products because they are your target market. They are the people asking these very basic and preliminary questions and they are precisely the people you want to upsell to your make money online program. In a weird way, it all kind of evens out. There is some sort of system that ensures that everybody settles at their highest level of competency.


  • Ed Jones

    Was reading this article a waste of time? The answer of course, is yes.