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Teads Gets $5.2 Million Funding

Make no mistake about it, video advertising is hot; we’re talking white-hot and this segment of the global industry market is slated to double to around nine billion dollars by 2017. Currently, the size of the overall video market is 4.14 billion. Video ads are hot and that’s why startups that specialize in serving up video ad technology and monetizing this startup technology to ad platforms are quite popular with venture players.

Teads is a good candidate startup for this market segment because it’s already well-established. The platform that it pioneered, inRead, is already deployed in thirty countries by more than five hundred publishers. Just who are these publishers? We’re not talking about nameless blogs or Mom and Pop operations here; we’re talking about heavy hitters like Reuters, La Repubblica, El Mundo, The Guardian, The Economist, Forbes, Financial Times, Le Monde.

Make no mistake about it, Teads is not screwing around but swinging for the fences. It’s definitely helped with the fact that it’s based in France so the French media market is fairly well connected and no wonder it was able to wrap up the big players in Europe fairly quickly. What’ so hot about video ads? Video ads are awesome because when you’re reading an article and the video ad plays while you’re reading it, your attention is diverted.

What makes diverted to the ad? Of course, the effectiveness of the ad still hinges on how relevant it is to the content that you’re reading. Be that as it may, what makes Teads exciting is that its ads only starts to play when you scroll to the ad. Once you get to the part of the article that has the video ad, that’s the time it will start playing. That makes it less annoying and that’s why it’s quite a promising piece of technology.