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Move Over China, Indonesia is Hacker Paradise

For the longest time, a lot of the world’s spam and internet attacks originated from servers that originated in China. In fact, if you go to many hacker and black hat forums, many of the server based services usually aimed at hosting spam software used Chinese service providers. This is no longer the case. The action has shifted several hundred miles downward to the southeast Asian country of Indonesia. This is cold comfort to the people that are being hacked or having their websites defaced.

According to internet caching and content distribution firm Akamai, internet attacks originating from Indonesia shut up to thirty eight percent while China moved down to the second spot with thirty three percent of internet attacks. What are internet attacks? Well, the most obvious idea that comes to mind of course are hacking attacks when anonymous hackers break into your computer network.

There are other forms of attacks. Other attacks involve coordinating different zombie computers so they can all send requests to one website. When this happens, they crash the website. This is the classic distributed denial of service attack. Other attacks include spam based attacks and other shenanigans. This is a very interesting development because it shows that hackers would try to go to places where the infrastructure is fairly soft. It remains to be seen how the Indonesian authorities will cope with this development.

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