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Windows Phone Gets a Great Ally in Dell

Dell Computers is a veteran of the computer hardware market and that’s not just a platitude, that’s the real deal. Dell has been a hardware veteran that has dealt with the ups and downs and changing tastes of the hardware industry. If you thought that the fashion industry was fickle and people change their minds at a drop of a hat, wait until you see the current trends in hardware. It can be rough out there. It’s a roller coaster ride of changing consumer references and tastes.

Currently, the market is fast shifting to more mobile and less desktop centered experience. Dell, being quick on its feet, has rolled out Windows phone mobile tablet device. This runs on the 8.1, dubbed the Venue 8 Pro and this unit can be ordered online. What really turns a lot of heads with this particular piece of hardware is the price— two hundred ninety nine bucks.

It gives Apple a run for its money and it holds its own against similar android devices. This is why we think Microsoft has found itself a strong ally in Dell. Dell is not a pushover when it comes to marketing strength and manufacturing prowess. Expect some traction for Microsoft in the tablet market due to such powerful allies as Dell.

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