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The PC Death Spiral Continues

Who would have thought that in a decade, we would about the possibility of a PC going functionally extinct. Who would have thought about that? It sounds crazy, right? But it just goes to show you the power of one man’s vision. We all know that Steve Jobs did not invent the tablet, everybody and his dog know that. Well, we do know that Steve Jobs was a master salesman and was able to shape reality based on his particular vision and that is exactly what he did with the Apple iPad. The Apple iPad truly revolutionized the tablet market.

Tablets were in existence for a long time but the problem with tablets was they were clunky. They were just a stripped down version of a laptop that has a nasty keyboard and they weren’t based on apps that they just had so many different handicaps to them. The people just thought that they were somebody’s brain fart somewhere. In fact, there’s an awesome internet meme photo of Bill Gates with functionally the first tablet and nobody cared at that time but Steve Jobs really blew at wide open with the awesome app powered Apple iPad and as a result, we’re beginning to see that PCs are in danger of dying out.

This is not an exaggeration. According to the latest report by research firm Gartner, notebook and desktop sales fell a whopping 11.2%. That is huge! Considering the huge volume of sales in this market, that percentage drop is huge. You cannot continue dropping at that percentage rate and expect to have much of a market left so if I were a hardware maker or Microsoft, I’d be crapping my pants right now. The old tech world is just falling apart at least from the hardware side and who’s the big winner? You guess it right, tablets. They are just exploding. One hundred eighty four units were shipped last year and this accounted for a 42.7% surge.

Talk about a growth rate, the truth is people aren’t interested in lugging around a full brown computing experience. The market has developed to the point where if they want a fully configured computer, they’d go back to the office or they go home but if they are out which is they spend most of their time either in school, moving around the office or on the road, they want something lighter yet powerful and the tablet has them covered regarding that. Mobility is king and it looks like the old technology giants and paradigms just need to get their acts together or else, this might be a sea change that would be very hard to recover from.

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