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Social Media Heat Predicts Runaway iPad Air Success

There are a lot of haters who claim that if you really want to gauge how successful a product will be, you need to pay attention to press mentions of that product. In other words, go to news sites and aggregate positive mentions of a particular product roll out and you will be able to pretty much predict how the market will respond to your product.

The problem with this is you are looking at product sales purely from the perspective of the marketers. What’s missing here? The perspective of the buyers. That is why social media, according to websites like Topsy which measures social network mentions of particular trending topics, say you should be looking. According to Topsy, chances are very high that the newly released Apple iPad Air is going to be a home run in the marketplace. Why? People are tweeting like mad about it and there’s so much positive buzz among users and influencers online about it that it looks like it’s going to be huge.

The only thing I can see that may dampen the sales is if there were a lot of negative reviews about the product but based on initial sampling of media outlets, reviews have been fairly positive. It looks like the iPad Air would be a slam dunk if social network impressions and Twitter buzz pan out.

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