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Maybe Microsoft Didn’t Screw up by Buying Nokia Afterall

A lot of people like to poke fun at Microsoft for paying a huge amount of money for technology that it can’t really incorporate or makes for really clunky incorporation into the huge Microsoft bureaucracy. Remember Skype and the massive outage that happened shortly after Microsoft bought Skype? It brought a lot of chuckles to people all over the internet but on the whole, the merger seemed to have settled down and smoothed out after all this time.

It looks like the recent Microsoft buyout of Nokia may have been a stroke of genius. Either that or Microsoft just knew the trends and saw a good deal. Regardless, according to the Wall Street Journal and the word on the street, Lumia, Nokia’s Windows phone based hardware, has racked up eight million units in sales. Sure, this is nothing to write home about in light of the huge volumes of Google Android phones being sold but that’s a major accomplishment considering the fact that this is a closed software and this is a Microsoft product based hardware.

It definitely is a positive sign for Microsoft now that it is a firmly hardware player with its buyout of Nokia but as we keep mentioning earlier, the battle is not about hardware or software platforms. The battle truly is about apps and major players like Apple and Microsoft need to get this quickly if they want to engineer an effective play against Google in the mobile space.