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Home Services App Handybook Raises Ten Million Dollars

The biggest draw for Uber is that when you are traveling on business or pleasure, it’s very easy for you to flag down transportation. You just whip out your mobile phone, open your Uber app and you can book a cab in no time flat. How awesome is that? Well, that idea of using mobile apps to access services that come to you was reconfigured by Handybook.

Handybook’s reconfiguration of this idea involves home services. Imagine yourself at home and there’s a lot of dishes, gardening work and you just don’t have the time and energy to handle it. Just open the Handybook app and you can look up maid services or gardening or housework services, even furniture building and plumbing, you name it! Anything to do with your home, you can just all access it from an app. It may seem like a simple idea and just stripped down yellow pages but guess what, your criticisms don’t matter because Handybook just raised ten million dollars.

People are betting on this type of technology and Handybook made a convincing play that there’s a huge demand for this type of app—not a bad haul. Handybook is a great platform because it aggregates yellow pages, reviews and all that into one app that you can then book appointments through—amazing! The companies that put up money for this round of funding include Highland Capital Partners and General Catalyst Partners.

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