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Appsee Raises $1M for Mobile Intelligence

There are so many ways to make money off mobile. The most obvious way is to create a mobile app that serves as a gateway between the app users’ offline reality and waking experiences and the power of the internet. This is put into play with apps like HandyBook, BetterDoctor, Uber and Airbnb. The other method of making money with apps is using its intelligence gathering capability.

Apps can gather a lot of information through usage patterns, sales patterns and so on and so forth. This data on app performance and lack of performance is extremely important if you’re an app developer. You want to develop apps that people would actually buy. Also, you don’t have much time to screw around finding this information on your own because the app space is extremely competitive. How competitive? We’re talking tons and tons of other apps on the market all competing for eyeballs, trying to be noticed and make a difference. Not all of them will succeed. The vast majority of them will fail and that’s why it’s really important to get a competitive edge.

This is where Appsee comes in. It provides an app monitoring and analytics services. It shows you a heat map on the app on how the people actually use the app, attrition information on how many people use the app and then stop using it and then the conversion information or how well your app converts into users. What really makes Appsee interesting is it gives developers a video of what users do that make the app crash and this is what gets people excited about the company and that’s why it raised one million dollars.

This is a fairly new feature and developers need to know this information because bugs can kill your product. It can kill your product outright by your company gaining a reputation for rolling out defective products. It can kill you by hobbling your competitiveness against fast moving and evolving competitors that produce an app that don’t crash. Keep an eye out on Appsee. The one million dollars was raised from a seed funding round and the money was provided by Giza VC and a variety of angel investors.