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Three Quotes Reveals Apple’s Strategy Against Microsoft

You can be forgiven for being almost sorry for Microsoft, after all, Microsoft missed the boat on the iPod, the iPad and the iPhone. In all three verticals, Apple just savaged the competition and Microsoft, being this huge bureaucratic giant, just couldn’t cope up and the things it did come up with looked ham-fisted or outright irrelevant. There were three quotes that Apple’s head honchos mentioned during the unveiling of the iPad that really gets to the heart of why Microsoft is just having a tough time becoming a serious contender in these market segments. The first quote coming from Apple’s CEO Tim Cook gets to the heart of the matter.

“Our competition is different: they are confused. They chased after netbooks. Now they are trying to make PCs into tablets and tablets into PCs. Who knows what they’ll do next? I can’t answer that question, but I can tell you that we are focused.” Ouch! Talk about a body slam! You can’t dispute him. The truth is if you are chasing after the leader and you are trying to come up with strategies to try to trip up the leader, you run the risk of being confused and being perceived as confused. That is exactly what Tim Cook got to. This is also of course a dog whistle call to Apple’s shareholders, it’s a message of reassurance but viewed from the perspective of Microsoft, he is right on the money. Microsoft, it appears, doesn’t really have a strategy. They’re employing the throw spaghetti at the wall strategy and it’s not going to work. Every throw of spaghetti at the wall to try to see if it sticks costs you billions of dollars. You can’t compete that way and Apple is focused. Unfortunately, our analysis of this quote is sure, you’re focused but you may be focused on the wrong thing. You may be focused on painting yourself into a corner and having your company be a misconstrued as a luxury products company. That is precisely what Apple is insisting on doing with its high priced products with the exception of the iPhone 5C but even that product may be too little too late.

The next quote is a nice body job. “The days of spending hundreds of dollars to get the most from your computer are gone.” Nice slap on Microsoft and it’s true. Apple is packing as much features into its OS as possible. In fact, the latest version of the Apple OS named Mavericks is completely free. Wow! It’s pretty much a slam on the Microsoft OS model.

The final quote that is worth paying attention to is “Now you can create a document on an iPad, edited on a Mac, and even shared with a friend who’s stuck in a PC.” Ouch! Talk about packing in the promise of cloud computing and mobile computing. While this may make for a great Apple fanboy bumper sticker, it neglects one central fact: cost platform compatibility. Sure, the PC job is in there and hints added but no; we’re talking full cross platform compatibility and they can only do that with a Google Android. Nice try though.