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Yahoo Finally Adopts SSL Mail Standard

As the old saying goes, better late than never and this definitely applies to Yahoo now that it has adopted the Secure Sockets Layer security standard or SSL for its Yahoo Mail. Previously, Yahoo did not use SSL and Yahoo Mail could be easily hacked. SSL encrypts webmail as information shuttles back and forth between your browser and the servers of Yahoo Mail. Without SSL, a computer software might intercept your communications and be able to read it. SSL can still be intercepted but it’s encrypted so the interceptor would have a tough time trying to decode it. Unencrypted or no SSL mail can be intercepted and read. Talk about bad news, right? Well, it took years for Yahoo to finally adopt SSL.

This is the awesome thing about free market competition in the internet. You have competitors pushing each other to higher and higher levels of quality and performance. Google and Microsoft got on the SSL bandwagon because Gmail wanted to make a name for itself. Aren’t open markets awesome when companies push each other to perform better and provide better value to the end user? Welcome to the club Yahoo Mail.

Unfortunately, it looks like Yahoo Mail is left in the dust when it comes to spam filtering. It’s not a surprise why Gmail has managed to capture sixty percent of the market. For the longest time, people have thought that web based email space is pretty much dead because Microsoft was in it through its acquisition of Hotmail and Yahoo Mail, through its acquisition of Rocketmail, dominated the field. They thought that there’s no more space for innovation.

Google said baloney to all that and came up with very effective spam filters. I personally use Gmail to filter my pop mail and I hardly get any spam. That’s how amazing Gmail is. Google definitely deserves every red cent of that one thousand dollar stock valuation they currently have because they have gotten into spaces like search and email and made those spaces actually work—amazing. Still, welcome to the club Yahoo Mail!

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