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Social Weddings Platform Reaches Five Hundred Thousand Members

It’s awesome how technology works because technology is all about finding a need and filling that need. If you analyze the wide range of human needs, you would just be surprised at the kaleidoscope of varying and intercepting needs out there . Take the wedding space, many people will be shocked that there is such a thing as wedding space because after all, most people only get married once in their lifetime unless of course you live in the United States where you probably are going to get married at least twice due to the high divorce rate.

Be that as it may, weddings tend to be more of a space where for photographers, videographers, caterers, flower supply company, even planner— that kind of things. Well, it looks like that there is a big market here when it comes to app developers. That is why social wedding is a very interesting space for app developers. The Raleigh, North Carolina startup WedPics has established some traction in this space. It is garnered up to half a million members and its system has collected more than five million uploads. This is a mobile phone space that is basically a social gateway for people and their weddings. As you can already tell, this is a very niche specific space and as a result, it tends to be under pressure from other non niche specific applications which have the same functionalities.

That’s the big problem with going niche because the niche that you have like picture sharing, social interaction so on and so forth are already pioneered by other apps so you are just basically putting a niche spin to it. It’s kind of like opening a niche bookstore while technically speaking, you can go to many different bookstores and buy those same books but since you specialize in children’s horror stories, people would go to your bookstore instead. That’s the danger of niche app start ups. You’re basically putting a different spin on apps that already exist.

Be that as it may, WedPics is hitting forty five percent of the market for people looking for apps involving weddings. How big is this market? According to the founder of WedPics, it’s around twenty percent of the total US marriage industry market. Unfortunately, for WedPics it’s not ranked as high as its competitor in social networking. Its closest competitor is Wedding Party and Wedding Party is in the top 100 of social networking. Be that as it may, WedPics just closed $1.1 million in angel seed funding but considering how competitive this space would be, WedPics needs to raise more money and close its series A round so it can gain traction.