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BlackBerry BBM Finally Makes Its Android and IOS Debut

As we have mentioned earlier, the story of BlackBerry is quite a tragic tale. This once high flying email based wireless communication company was just completely sideswiped by the rise of smartphones, notably the Apple iPhone and the Google Android. As a result, Research in Motion, the parent company of BlackBerry, has pretty much been sidelined by both the tech world and the stock market and BlackBerry, as we have written earlier, has finally gone private and was bought out. Be that as it may, there is a bright spot in the whole BlackBerry story.

If you look at BlackBerry’s business, there are two parts. The messaging part and the hardware part. The hardware part has pretty much gone the way of a dodo bird. It is gone, dead, extinct, it looks really bleak and who knows how they can resurrect that or is it even worth resurrecting. The other part of the equation is the messenger part. Thanks to the earlier success of BlackBerry hardware, there’s a lot of people that loved the BlackBerry messaging system. This is the bright spot in the company’s portfolio and there are signs of a possible renewal now that the BlackBerry messaging platform has been released on the IOS and Google Android platform.

There is one catch though. If you signed up early to get on the waiting list, you can start using the app immediately; however, if you just caught the news regarding this app, you would have to wait in line. That’s how popular this messaging platform is. Let’s hope that BlackBerry experiences a revival through its messaging platform because as we have mentioned earlier, diversity is good in the technology landscape.

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