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Wearable Wireless’ Big Challenge

The next big challenge for people looking to develop applications for Google Glass and wearable wireless technology is not so much how to explore the world in new ways. That paradigm already exists, after all, that’s what apps do. They extend your capabilities and functionalities out there in the real world. They help you bridge what you see, feel , touch and smell the real world with information that’s available in the digital world using a software medium. We’ve been through this before. We’ve been down that road. That is not the future. That is expected, that is going to be the assumption but that is not the future.

The future is what do you do with all these data? What do you do with all these interaction? What do you do with all these interfacing? The standard model is that you chop it up into different applications and with each with its own monetization scheme and you leave it at that but there is a greater opportunity that access an overlay to all these technological ferment. That overlay is probably going to be the key to a lot of money for the right startup company. That missing piece is story telling. It’s one thing for a piece of software or a social networking site to track the things that you’re doing, to monitor your activities and to help you navigate your world better— big deal.

All these data collected will only make sense if it is shown in a form that is personally meaningful to you and more importantly helps you get results. We’re not just talking about results on a small scale but higher level results. In other words, what’s the big story? What is the big meaning behind all this movement? And that’s where wearable wireless’ gold threads would be. It’s all in the storytelling. It’s not even a question of patching all the data and interactions produced by all these apps into a larger piece but making that piece make sense. That is a great challenge and that is the great opportunity.

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