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What is the Inside Story of the iWatch?

As we have reported earlier, one of the most exciting trends in technology is wearable wireless. It really represents the cutting edge between massive data collection, data interaction and augmented realty. As awesome as the set of possibilities wearable wireless brings to the table, its specific direction now is really being dictated by the big eight hundred pound gorilla on the block, Apple. All eyes are on Apple’s iWatch regarding where it plans to take wearable wireless technology. The other big player in this field is no other than Google with Google Glass.

Among these two players is a complex dance between protocols, technology directions, emphasis and more importantly, assumptions. As many people would like to project their hopes and dreams onto the iWatch as an extension of the smartphone, the reality according to many analysts is that it is really a home automation piece of equipment. In other words, you use your iWatch to automate your home. This is not in any ways downplaying the revolutionary effect of the iWatch.

Home automation is a possible big market because you are in effect modifying your home environment. Once you do that, you can then modify a larger and larger environment until you can modify maybe your office or your personal bubble while you’re out on the street or out and about. This is actually a great strategy because you are in control of your home so for all practical intents and purposes, this is the maximum extent of your personal domain and control. You don’t have the same massive reach and extent if you are in the office or the public park. You’re going to be sharing that space with other people.

From that perspective, this move and conceptualization of the iWatch as a home automation device is a stroke of genius. Of course, things that may look good on paper may not pan out when actually put into practice. We still have to see the iWatch and more importantly, the apps made for the iWatch to truly see how far it can go and how much of an impact it will make in the evolution of wearable wireless technology.

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