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How Things Change : The Apple Blue Screen of Death

Making fun of Microsoft? Not today! Apple tastes the blue screen of death

Making fun of Microsoft? Not today! Apple tastes the blue screen of death mockery.

For the longest time, Apple fanboys had a field day with Microsoft. After all, Microsoft was the number one operating systems maker in the world and as a result, Microsoft has fair game for all haters of all things at Microsoft. People make poke fun of Microsoft for a whole variety of reasons. Firstly, people don’t like monopolies. If there is only one company dominating your industry, you will eventually feel powerless. You will eventually feel that your destiny is controlled by that one company. Of course, we all know that Microsoft, like them or hate them, achieved their monopoly status for the most part due to a superior product and better marketing. Was there better software operating systems created? Yes. Was there better productivity software coded in the past? Sure. But the reality is thanks to Microsoft’s solid business model, solid business plan and most importantly, excellent execution, Microsoft got a lion share of not just the operating systems market but many other software industry verticals. That’s how life goes.

If you are the best at what you do and you are good at telling people how good you are, chances are you end up at the top. Just coming up with a superior product isn’t going to get you anywhere. You have to be able to convince other people to buy your stuff. That’s the story of Microsoft and people have hated Microsoft because it pretty much beat them in the tech industry game. Apple fanboys love to poke fun of Microsoft because it’s the big bully on the block but if you really look at how Microsoft got big, this isn’t a bully at all. It got to its position naturally.

The second reason why people tend to hate Microsoft is its strong arm tactics. As we have covered earlier, it uses a network dominance to crowd out up and coming technologies. Well, times have changed. Microsoft was slapped in the past and convicted as a monopolist and other companies have really carved up the tech space. You really can’t say Microsoft is this huge monolithic company that is very scary and controls everything. It doesn’t work that way. Regardless, during those bad old days, one of the most common insults are hurled at Microsoft is the Blue Screen of Death. The Blue Screen of Death happens to any Microsoft product when it encounters an error. Your computer basically locks up and you can’t do anything so you have to reboot your computer. It’s annoying and many people get traumatized by the experience especially if you’re working on something very important like your term paper or your novel and you haven’t saved for several hours.

The Blue Screen of Death is one of the most devastating insults Microsoft haters had against Microsoft. Well, things have changed now that Apple has become quite dominant in the mobile space although android is the major player there. Now Apple is getting a taste of its own medicine. IOS 7 has Blue Screen of Death issues. There are certain things you can do with IOS 7 that would produce a frozen screen and you have to reboot the device. Interesting how karma works. The world is round. It seems that Apple has joined the club of companies where it can suffer the Blue Screen of Death because it has gotten too big, too strong and too powerful. Welcome to the club Apple!