Top Menu Android App Gets Improved

Believe it or not, Microsoft does have an email solution, you probably have heard of it— it’s called Outlook. Microsoft has taken Outlook to the cloud and turn its software as a service. For quite some time now, you can use your android phone to access your service. This is all well and good but it does leave one real feeling that Microsoft is catching up and that is what precisely the recent changes and updates to add up to. They are pretty much changes that you would expect from web based email.

Thanks to the rapid pace of changes in evolution at competing service Gmail. Google’s Gmail commands sixty percent or more of the online email market for a good reason. It continues to evolve nonstop. One of the biggest problems of Hotmail and Yahoo Mail in the past was spam. They couldn’t seem to fix the spam problem. Guess what? Gmail locked that problem down hard. In fact, many people moved to Gmail just so they can use Gmail to screen their POP mail. How crazy is that? That’s how powerful Gmail is. So we don’t really know how much of an impact’s android app changes will be.

The ability to be able to send emails from the app is great and the ability to search emails even though they aren’t synched up yet is great and the big scheme of things, considering how fast and how big Gmail is, we don’t really know how much of a difference this will all make in the global web based email market. Still, it’s reassuring and comforting to know that Microsoft is still stepping up its game and not neglecting its products.

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