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Crafty Email Marketers Get Around Gmail Changes

One of the biggest changes to online mail marketing is the recent changes instituted at Gmail. It used to be that a person would get all their emails in one inbox. In other words, all your notices from social network sites, all your job offers, all your promotional ads as well as your personal communications will all drop into one inbox. Somebody at Google came up with a brilliant idea (or is it?) of sorting all this information out into three major subheadings. Your personal inbox, commercial or promotional notices and social network notices. The idea is fairly easy to figure out.

The idea is that by pre-sorting your email, it is easier for people who are busy or people who just want to efficiently process their email to identify what is most important, process that and then maybe get around to the less important stuff. The idea is that instead of your inbox being cluttered with all sorts of notices and you have to scroll down and pick things apart, Google will filter it for you. We applaud this philosophy and it does make things easier for most people. Unfortunately, it poses a nightmare whose business relies on email.

The biggest ways anybody can make money online is to produce email sign up form, get a lot of people to sign up for it and then automatically send them offers. It’s a numbers game. For you to generate one sale, you maybe have to send thousands of emails every day but if that sale nets you three hundred dollars, you’re good to go for the day. This is one of the most proven and most popular ways affiliate marketers and internet marketers get their bread and butter. As you can well imagine, since promotional emails are sorted to a pre-set tab, a large chunk of these emails will never get read. We’re not talking about spam here and unsolicited junk mail; we’re talking about mail that people actually opted in and that is where Gmail rubs many marketers the wrong way. If you go to many online marketing forums, people are just running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

The good news is that the more level headed people of this bunch and the problem solvers have come up with a very straightforward and easy solution. The solution is not to get people not to use the tab system, the solution is to actually educate them on how to use it properly and it all begins the moment the person opts in. When the person opts in to Aweber or some other autoresponder service, the person is redirected to a page that tells them that if they are a Gmail user, they have to filter their email a certain way. This is brilliant because it instructs people to filter their email to safely unsegregated the promoter’s email. In other words, other promoters’ emails are stuck in that tab and that the promoter’s email makes it to the inbox. It’s a stroke of genius because you pretty much just eliminated your competition. Like we keep saying before, online ads and marketing is all an arms race. The clever will always figure out a way.

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