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Yahoogroups drama dies down

One of Yahoo’s oldest acquisitions, Yahoo Groups, experienced quite a bit of drama as reported earlier. The drama centered on the changes to Yahoo Group’s functionality. If you are a user of Yahoo Groups, you probably have fallen in love with the old interface, though it may look like it was designed in the year 2000 and a bit antiquated. It was very comfortable, cozy and convenient like an old shoe. It may not look like the best shoe in the world but it sure felt good and reassuring.

Many people were quite shocked when they logged on to their Yahoo Groups account to see the monstrosity of NEO. The NEO upgrade puts a new skin on Yahoo Groups. Skinning the system is okay but the problem is, it moved a lot of functions around. And in the case of live edits and live ejection edits, it destroyed old functionalities. As a result there was a huge odd cry online regarding Yahoo Groups. A lot of people didn’t like the changes and there was even a petition to “fix” Yahoo Groups by bringing the old system back. At the very least, many were saying that they should make the system optional. It looks like a lot of the drama died out because more people realized that the new Yahoo Groups function just like the old one. You just have to invest a few hours of your time groping around the new system, and figure out how things work. You also have to figure out how to send email using the new system. In the first week after its release, you can only send updates to your mailing list by sending an email to the list. Now you can do it like the way you’ve been doing it before by composing the email on the group’s web page. It would be nice for NEO to completely include all the old functions of Yahoo Groups particularly the editing function. When somebody has a message that is being moderated and held for the group, the moderator can either approve, reject it entirely or modify, then approve it. The third option is currently missing.

Let us hope that gets fixed. Other than that, it is nice to see Yahoo bring its system up to date.