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How to opt out of Google’s endorsement system

As we have reported earlier, Google has come up with a new advertising system that pretty much gets on Facebook’s bandwagon. If you click on Google Plus’ button for an ad, it will be shown to your friends or members of your circle and your Google Plus circle will have your picture and name next to the ad.

If you don’t want to become the unpaid endorser of an advertisement, here are the steps you need to take from this system and I highly suspect that you will hardly be alone in welcoming these instructions. First, you need to go to the settings section of Google Plus and click on the endorsement settings. Make sure that you are unchecked. This way your name and Google Plus information will not be associated with a particular ad. Click on the save button and you are done. That’s it. Nice and simple, right? It better be or else Google probably might face another lawsuit . No wonder they made the process smooth and easy as much as possible. That is the best policy.

The whole idea behind the endorsement system is actually a stroke of genius. The truth is, it is very hard to trust strangers online. Just like in real life, people would rather listen to people that their friends have recommended and that is the whole philosophy behind the endorsement system. Critics say that Facebook by extending to Google, has taken the whole endorsement thing too far. Well, tough luck for those people. This has been tested through the courts, and has been found legal. So, if you don’t want to endorse certain products, you know what to do.

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