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Trade in Your iPhone and Get a Microsoft Gift Card

Whether your wireless services’ contract with your iPhone expired or you’re looking for a different gadget, the Microsoft Store’s might have an offer you can’t refuse. Everyone knows that the iPhone is quite expensive. Its critics say repeatedly for quite some time now that you are really just paying for that Apple logo at the back of the device. In terms of functionality and hardware capabilities, you could save several hundreds of dollars just going to a down market android phone.

Microsoft’s position is you could do better by trading in your old iPhone instead of stepping up to the iPhone 5S or 5C and using the gift card Microsoft gives you to get yourself a Windows phone. To sweeten the deal, the gift card will also qualify to buy other Microsoft products at the Microsoft Store. This is not a revolutionary marketing idea but its timing is great and it really hits Apple at its soft underbelly. Apple has always been susceptible to price criticism.

You have to remember Apple’s margins on the iPhone is astonishingly huge. A lot of the iPhone price is basically profit that’s why a lot of the iPhone’s critics are saying that this is just really an overpriced gadget and you could do better with other devices. Since Microsoft is the third place contender in the smartphone market, it has everything to gain and little to lose with such market share grabbing schemes as the two hundred dollar gift card offered by the Microsoft Store.

You have to remember that this gift card program is good for a minimum of two hundred dollars. Depending on the phone that you trade in and some other factors, you might be in for a good deal. Still, you will end up with a Microsoft product and that’s a matter that you really need to think about on your own but in terms of sales deals, this is well put together.