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Google Chrome Logged In Philosophy Might Herald a New Advertising Error

Make no mistake about it, Google is an ad driven monster. That’s right! As awesome as Google Search and Android technologies are, Google, at its corporate soul is an advertising platform. That’s how it makes its money and advertisings are commercial imperatives that drive Google’s decisions at one level or another. This is why it’s crucial to understand Google’s moves towards Chrome and towards a logged in state. This is a stroke of genius. Google knows for well that there is a disconnect between mobile devices and web technologies.

Web technology ad tracking is pretty much a settled question: it’s all about cookies. Using these small text files, browsers can help users navigate websites more efficiently and effectively. More importantly, cookies enable browsers to tell ad servers and ad networks what type of ads to show. Anything to do with ad tracking involves billions of dollars because if you serve the right ads to the right people, a lot of money could be made. Google is no dummy. They know for well that the future of mobile is all about ad tracking. As we have covered in a previous article, this is a very political and tensed battle ground. There are many different layers to this equation. You have the browser, operating system, ISP and hardware components among others. This is why it’s very important to keep an eye on how Google navigates this technology mind field.

We think that it’s already showing its hand by its push to have as many users of Google products to log in. One key incentive for logging in is your search parameters would not be stored by websites that you visit. For people who are worried about your privacy, this is a nice piece of candy to be thrown your way. Also, for people looking to synchronize their data from one device to another, logging into Chrome enables you to say goodbye to all the hassles of moving data from one machine to another. These Google moves are not accidental. They are all focused on the larger picture of moving to a cookie-less world.

You have to remember, if we navigate the internet without cookies, ad tracking goes by the wayside and all money that goes with it. By pushing consumers to log in, Google is making an end run around its competition like Yahoo and Microsoft. We’re still reliant on yesterday’s technology. It doesn’t make any sense to bet against Google at this point in time. Its logged in approach to ad tracking is a stroke of genius. It shows that Google is not just paying attention to what can happen one to two years from now. It has its sights on the long term future.