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Google Releases Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird is all about the meaning of a search query and not just a few specific words.

Google Hummingbird is all about the meaning of a search query and not just a few specific words.

Google has released a major rewrite of its algorithm. For the past twelve to fifteen years, everything that you see on Google is actually powered at the back end by roughly the same code. While there are many different parts that have been swapped out, improved and upgraded throughout the years, in particular Penguin and Panda, the bedrock of Google’s search technology is quite old. Just like with any old machinery, eventually, the owner is going to have to improve it and come up with something drastically better in order to stay competitive, and this is precisely what Google has done with the Hummingbird algorithm roll out.

In a recent announcement, Google has made it clear that they have rewritten their search algorithm to make it faster and more accurate. Just like with previous Google releases, the name gives you some clues as to what the point of the algorithm is about. It’s all about speed and lightness. The hummingbird is very fast and it has one of the highest wing beats per minute among birds and it’s also very light. This makes a lot of sense because when you have millions upon millions of people searching several times a day on your system, it can impact your software as well as your hardware infrastructure. These are the core values that Hummingbird represents in our estimation.

It makes a lot of sense because you wouldn’t want to continue operations using software that was designed to run ideally on a hardware infrastructure that’s fifteen years old. It makes a lot of sense for Google to roll this out and it should be very interesting how it would impact rankings. Our good impression is that it won’t impact rankings much because the ranking algorithms usually have something to do with preventing spam and more importantly, Hummingbird is really more about improving the user experience by making Google faster, more scalable and more future-proof. It remains to be seen whether Hummingbird will keep Google Nimble for the next fifteen years.