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Android Celebrates Its Fifth Birthday

This past week Android turned five. You would think that a mere five years is not enough for technology to fully mature. This would be true if you’re talking about human beings or even pets and organizations but when it comes to technology, you can’t be more wrong. Android might only be five years old but the difference between the first Android powered device running on the T-Mobile G1 completely blew people away. It was a very competent and plausible competitor for Apple’s IOS.

Many in the industry thought that the Android was going to be an also-ran in a new market pioneered by Apple. Fast forward five years and you can see that Android has run away with the market. Not only does it posses a commanding seventy five percent market share lead in smartphones but it’s pretty much destroying Apple and all other devices that require a mobile OS; we’re talking about cameras, watches, wearable wireless and even refrigerators. Watch out! Android is on fire and there’s no stopping it.

With that said, we have published a story before that seemingly mature and dominant technologies where they seem all so powerful and all so pervasive until they get eclipsed by a newer technology. If I were the backers of Android, I will be constantly looking over my shoulder because Android unleashed a Linux-based approach to mobile operating systems. Once you open the Linux bottle, anything could come out. It’s no wonder that Ubuntu and Firefox have their own mobile OS out in the market and with more to come. Who knows what shape the future would take? Still, Android has done a great job. It came out of nowhere and now commands the bulk of the smartphone market and that’s definitely an accomplishment worth celebrating.