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Amazon Reveals Updated Kindle Fire

It’s very easy to be tempted to say that Google Android has the tablet market all sewn up. After all, the huge majority of all tablets sold currently run the Google Android operating system. Well, not so fast. Just because a particular OS or technology is on top today doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be on top forever. Just look at IBM’s hardware division back in the 1980s. It didn’t take long for IBM to get knocked off its perch. The real power, it turns out, were Intel and Windows machines. Hardware really didn’t figure that much into this equation.

It’s easy to say that Google Android will continue to rule the roost but there are a lot of challengers out there and Kindle Fire is just one. Google should look in the rear view mirror because challengers like Ubuntu, Firefox and who knows what else, might come up in the future. As we mentioned earlier, the mobile and the smartphone market is looking more like an app based war rather than a software based or hardware based struggle.

Be that as it may, Amazon clearly telegraphs to the world that it’s still alive and it is quite a contender in the tablet market. The Kindle Fire HDX tablets have been rolled out and they do offer quite a bit for users. For instance, they offer twenty four seven assistance. You can just click a help button and you will get live video from a technical support person right in your tablet.

These tablets are quite pricey because they start out at three hundred and seventy nine dollars without a plan for the 8.9 inch version. The seven inch version comes in at two hundred and twenty nine dollars. The HDX will ship on October 15 and the bigger version of the HDX will ship on November 7. The tablet market is still far from settled in. It’s good to see that Amazon is in the mix.