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Blackberry Throws in the Towel

For the longest time in the mobile Smartphone space, there were four major players. Of course everybody has heard of Apple and Google’s Android Systems. There were two also-rans which are Microsoft and unknown to most people, Blackberry. You remember Blackberry, right? The Blackberry device was all the rage in the late 1990s when people can send emails using their phones. With the debut of the iPhone in 2007, the Blackberry has continued to slide into obscurity and its once high flying stock has crashed to earth.

Despite all its reversals of fortune, the Blackberry still has a powerful messenger system used primarily by business people. This is the reason why Blackberry recently went private with a $4.7 billion deal. As you can well imagine, investors paying $4.7 billion for a company expects some sort of value from that company. On paper, there’s still a lot of traction for the Blackberry messenger. As mentioned earlier, it still has a million of users the world over. Moreover, the Blackberry brand is still strong.

While it’s probably going to be leaving the Smartphone space, it can still be a powerful contender in the messenger services segment of the market. What does this all mean? It means that the mobile platform market has consolidated. Microsoft no longer has to look over its shoulder regarding a fourth contender taking away whatever market share Microsoft has. Now, the market has consolidated into IOS, Android and Windows phone.

As we have written earlier, Windows phone has its work cut out for it. It’s an afterthought in most markets; however, it does have some bright spots especially in Europe where it commands eight percent of the market. If you think about it, eight percent of the European market is huge. It’s not like Microsoft has completely failed in the mobile phone market. It does have foundations on which it can step on and build upon. This whole process has just been made much easier with the exit of Blackberry and more importantly, Microsoft’s buyout of Nokia.

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