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App Store Rankings Frozen at Apple

If you are an app developer, there’s no better way to track the progress of your app’s popularity and appeal than its rankings at Apple’s app store and Google’s counterpart app store. Unfortunately, you’re going to have a little bit of a problem tracking your app’s success metrics over the last few days because Apple’s app store has frozen. Apple has frozen the rankings and it is causing some concern in the IOS developer community.

As mentioned above, people measure their popularity, strength and success on the app store rankings. More importantly, people looking to install and buy apps look at these rankings. Every date that it’s frozen, it’s money taken off the table. Unfortunately, with this situation, the app developers don’t have any other options. They can just basically wait and hope that Apple can get to the bottom of this issue and ensure that things are rolling again.

Apparently, things are now back to normal but there are still weird behavior in the ranking system. There might be some back end glitches that Apple is continuing to hammer out but for every day that this drives on, money is lost and developers don’t get the data that they need to help track the success of their product and more importantly, develop it further to increase quality and usability.

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