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The Top Five Online Freelance Hiring Tips

Thanks to the internet, finding qualified and competent freelancers has never been easier. Back in the bad old days, you were really at the mercy of word of mouth to find a freelancer who can do the job that you want done. Unfortunately, for the most part, you are just forced into a position of accepting substandard results because there are no other options. Thanks to the internet, your options have been blown wide open. It’s much easier to find talent nowadays and we’re not just talking about American talent but talent all over the world and the best part is that you can get high quality work done for bargain basement prices. This is the ideal scenario for online freelance websites. Many people looking to get work done are still forced to walk away with less than stellar results.

Follow the five tips below so you can outsource to the best people each and every time.

1. Look for a track record.
One of the hardest parts of establishing yourself as a freelancer online is getting people to trust you enough to order from you. The best way you can do this of course is to do a bang up job once somebody orders from you. By knocking the ball out of the park for that first order, you would establish the groundwork for a stellar career as a freelancer. On the other side of the ledger, if you’re looking to hire people you should look for people with a solid track record. This doesn’t mean that they have to have a long list of positive reviews or they have made a lot of money from a freelancing platform- no! This just means that they have maybe a handful of very solid credible reviews that vouch for the fact that they can do their job and they can do it well. This is one case where less is more.

2. Look for competence.
You’re looking to get a job done online because you can’t do it yourself. This is the bottom line that you need to focus on. Too many people think that they can do the job themselves and they just need to outsource parts of the details to somebody else. If you go to a freelancing site with this assumption, chances are you’re going to walk away disappointed and burned. If you want your outsourcing experience to be positive, you have to look for somebody who is already specialized in doing the stuff that you want done. In other words, you’re looking for a complete package and not looking for somebody who’s going to do your stuff on a piecemeal or partial basis. If you are fearful about certain parts of your project then it probably would be a better idea to go with a general contract rather than breaking it up into small pieces and outsourcing them in a piecemeal basis.

3. Price matters.
The main reason you’re outsourcing is you want stuff done. Underneath this rationale is you also want to save money, after all, if you are sure that you are going to be spending the same amount of money, you could probably just outsource the job to somebody locally. You have to really focus on your profitability because that’s where outsourcing can really make a big difference in your particular situation. You have to look at savings multiples. If the savings aren’t there, then it’s probably a better idea not to outsource. That’s the bottom line. Outsource only if you are going to save money.

4. Outsource to build relationships.
Whatever job you are going to outsource to somebody out the street, across the country or even halfway across the world, their work has to fit in with your business. In other words, they’re establishing a track record for your company. You can’t build your business in such a way that it is comprised of a patchwork of outsourced work and you have a tough time identifying who did what. You’re looking for consistency. This is especially true if you are outsourcing marketing work or content generation work for your website or business operations. This is why it’s very important that you establish a relationship with your outsourced manpower. Make sure that they are happy while making sure that you yourself is happy. It can be a win win situation.

5. Focus on the long term.
Once you have established a long term relationship with your outsourced provider, you have to focus on sustainability. You have to think not just six months or a year ahead but you have to think what is the overall value of this outsourced relationship and how can I scale it up to another level where it can create all sorts of win win situations. If you look at your outsourcing relationship as a long term relationship then the value will scale up with time instead of diminish. You’re not looking for somebody to do bits and pieces every now and then so you can scrap your company together. You’re looking for somebody who’s actually going to be a partner. People who successfully outsource look at their outsource providers as valued partners. In other words, this outsource solutions don’t just save money but they actually add to the value and quality of the client’s company. This is how you know you are dealing with a winner.

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