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Tagged Takes a More Female-Centered Approach to Dating App Development

You don’t have to be a big James Brown fan to agree that one of his biggest song titles contains a lot of truth- It is a man’s world. There are no two ways about it at least when it comes to technology. A lot of technological developments were programmed by men and like it or not, these have a typical male point of view that is why there’s a lot of problems and also a lot of opportunities there in the greater tech landscape but unfortunately it’s all from a man’s perspective.

It’s quite refreshing to see that social dating provider Tagged has come up with a dating app with works from a female’s perspective. The typical dating website is designed from a purely male perspective. The focus is on volume so if you type in certain parameters, you would see a huge list where there’s a criteria so that the male can pick potential partners which involve looks. On the other hand, from a female perspective there’s more focus on how her friends would judge a certain person, what their criteria are and what a larger validating body would think about a potential partner. That’s a big difference! There’s also differences in presentation, listings and pictures.

This is what makes Tagged so appealing. Why? Let’s face it, if you want to make money in the dating space, you have to recruit women. Recruiting men is not a problem. They will flock to a dating site no matter what. The problem is the supply of real women. Real dating websites with huge and robust database of real females are few and far between. There are many big dating websites but a lot of them have fake profiles. We’re not going to drop names but the open secret is there are a lot of fake profiles to stimulate new memberships in the database.

Building a whole dating system based on the perspective of women ensures a healthy population of women and as a result, more men will join because there are actually real women in the system and revenues will flow. This is a brilliant move on Tagged’s part and we look forward to see how this all pans out.