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Why are so many Developers In Love with the Android OS

The Android OS is clearly developers favorite when Apple and other OS authors is lagging behind.

The Android OS is clearly developers favorite when Apple and other OS authors is lagging behind.

In the mobile space, the Google Android OS is quickly gobbling up the pie. In fact at this current rate there might not be any slices left for Apple and other competing OS unless a big dramatic change is in the offing. Google android is fast becoming the 800 pound gorilla in the room and if it isn’t yet, already it is dominating the smartphone OS market.

Many people would say that the reason why developers like the Android system is because a market sewn up. In other words people have develop for a platform that most people already used. But as you can well imagine this can easily turn into a chicken or egg situation. It would be very hard to pin the actual cause and the actual result because the argument could be made that Android has only grown this big and reach this market size so fast is because developers flock to it.

So which came first? The developers? Or the market share?

As you can well imagine this is upwards spiral. The more developers flock to android, the more it spreads. The more it spreads the more developers are attracted to it. And so on and so forth. Instead of getting caught up in this “which came first search”or “chicken and egg problem”, we’d rather tackle the big question of why do developers like the android OS. What is it about the android that has seen it start in 2003, get bought out by Google in 2005, and launched in consortium in 2007 and completely dominate the market since then. We’ve heard of android cupcake, donut, éclair, froyo, gingerbread, ice-cream sandwich, jellybean, and now kitkat. So, where are we going with android and why do developers love it so much?

Well turns out that apple isn’t doing itself any favours by keeping the iOS all close up. The android software is open source, in other words it’s very flexible. Developers can look at the codes and figure out how one would work and this unlocks a lot of possibilities. On the other hand the iPhone’s Operating System the iOS offers a more limited roadmap for programmers with which to operate. As you can well imagine, in the mobile app space, the only limit is your imagination. However if the roadmap for your experimentation has some certain parts missing or block out you can only move around that so much. This way developer after developer target android first and there’s just so much more apps on android than the iPhone. The gap is going to get much bigger as time goes by so Apple better move quickly, but Google Android shouldn’t rest on its laurels either. In this space, things move so quickly that you can easily get swamped if you’re not paying attention.

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