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Marissa Mayer Maps out Yahoo’s Future at TechCrunch Disrupt

Marissa Mayer outlines yahoo's future at techcrunch disrupt.

Marissa Mayer outlines yahoo’s future at techcrunch disrupt.

Yahoo’s head honcho Marissa Mayer took to the stage of TechCrunch Disrupt to map out Yahoo’s near term future. Lets face it, Marissa has her hands full. Yahoo was one of the darlings of Wall Street when it comes to internet technology back in the early 2000s. It was one of the three pillars of the web 1.0 with the other pillars being Amazon and AOL. As you can well imagine , just judging from the decline in AOL’s stock price through the years, web 1.0 companies aren’t exactly the paradigm of cutting edge technology in the current mobile age. The market has evolved quite a bit and consumers have evolved with it.

Marissa Mayer’s strategy, as she outlined, is to build a chain reaction, in other words, to create an upward spiral for Yahoo. She said it all begins with hiring the right personnel. With the right personnel, they would build the right products which would generate traffic and would turn into revenues. This is for the most part the classic content play. Yahoo is a content and experience company. In other words, when people use Yahoo they experience content and these prompts them to come back again and again and to view the ads and to click on ads then buy stuff- that is the name of the game.

As you can well imagine, this is quite a tall order and it’s not going to happen within a year. This is why Marissa Mayer outlined that Yahoo is looking at three or more years time horizon for the company to completely turn around. It is still a contender for the consumer end of the internet market and it is working with a distinct advantage. Bash Yahoo as much as you want and point out its fallen stars as much as you want but this is one company that still racks up eight hundred million monthly active users- nothing to sneeze at.

It appears that Marissa Mayer is on the ball because she is focused on mobile and mobile’s role in Yahoo’s continuing evolution. She doesn’t have her head in the clouds or is in denial regarding Yahoo’s dominance in certain content verticals. Instead, she’s always looking to push Yahoo forward. Just based on her pronouncements at TechCrunch Disrupt it looks like board of directors picked the right person to turn Yahoo around.