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Is Gamification the Key to Classic Mobile Apps?

Make no mistake about it, the mobile app market is very fickle. You could be at the top of the game one day and the next day nobody has heard about you. That’s par for the course for something as fast moving and as trendy as mobile apps. Fickleness is the name of the game. However, if you are with a startup company or you’re looking for an app that can withstand the test of time, there might be just one word and one word only that can answer your questions regarding a classic app- gamification.

The concept of turning human activities and common processes into a game or incorporating game concepts whether for personal or business purpose is nothing new and is an old idea; however, the track record of implementation has been kind of spotty. The truth is there are many training programs and other business related services that try to incorporate game concepts but they are already partly successful. The gamification for many of these systems tends to be very superficial. With that said, gamification remains one of the biggest open fields for mobile app developers.

The truth is there are just so many human activities that can benefit from gamification. Gamification benefits individuals because it allows people to stick to a particular program, measure results and increase their chances of attaining certain results. When you reduce often complicated systems and processes into a nice little game, the duration and even the difficulty of such processes are reduced. As a result, there’s a lot of key benefits that corporations and individuals would definitely appreciate. For one, it reduces training costs and can reduce employee or team member turnover. In addition, it decreases overall training time.

There are a lot of factors recommending gamification but unfortunately, people are still kind of groping in the dark regarding this particular concept and how they’re going to incorporate it into their mobile apps. Because it is still in its infancy and there hasn’t really been much of a gold standard in this field, I dare venture to say that it’s still a wide open game and mobile app developers should get on it.

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