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Is Cloud Computing Just Hype?

It has been several years since the iPod launched and we all became familiar with the buzzwords cloud computing, cloud-based entertainment and cloud-based technology. However, just like with any mantra, the mere fact that it’s repeated a lot doesn’t necessarily mean that people actually know what it means and more importantly doesn’t mean they can actually build businesses on it.

Take cloud computing as an example. Cloud computing has been hyped as the next big thing but depending on how you give define it, cloud computing might actually just be a marketing term because the underlying technology for it has been with us since DARPA built the internet in the 1960s. The whole idea of cloud computing being a system where information is processed between a remote host and a local client software is quite basic. That’s just an extreme simplification of cloud computing.

A more practical definition of cloud computing would be one that puts otherwise complicated software on to the internet and offers it as a service on a paper used basis. The thing about this definition is that it already exists; software as a service already exists. Just look at Amazon’s network as well as Microsoft’s iteration of Office on the cloud. Since a lot of these models just involved taking the local software model and making it available on a remote server, it doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the highest point of cloud computing.

One would think that cloud computing would involve something bigger and better. Instead of a massive leap forward, we have been treated to just a small step into a familiar direction. It remains to be seen if cloud computing can actually deliver on the hype. It may have reached the point that it has really just become an empty jargon and a hyped buzzword that serves to promote the interest of startup business plan writers rather than usefully communicating anything new.