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The Future of Search Engines Hinge on Wearable Devices Like Google Glass?

The ultimate tool for a future seach engine; Google Glass - the information gatherer.

The ultimate tool for a future seach engine; Google Glass – the information gatherer.

If you are going to distill the success formula for Google, it is this: create software that collects data and monetize that data. That’s the bottom line. Nice and simple right? Google’s value proposition is so simple that it is scary. It is so simple that it is almost scalable by an infinite amount. What am I talking about? I’m talking about being able to index and scrape all sorts of information and the familiar Google search engine that we all use is just one fraction of the many different manifestations of this overarching business model. This is why Google Glass is so scary.

Wearable technology is all about gathering information while going about your daily business. While you’re riding the subway or sitting in class, you’re capturing information. In fact, there was a little bit of controversy for people using Google Glass to capture information while they’re in a strip bar, but you get the point! Your daily walking experience is a data collection exercise for Google. All these information distributed among millions of Google Glass wearers fed off into one large database and fed through sophisticated algorithms that allow it to be searched later on. That is not only scary but it’s also revolutionary because the expansion of global knowledge just grew exponentially. The problem with scraping websites is that somebody has to go through all the time in effort of putting the website together and the Google spider would spider the website and then index it. With Google Glass, it’s much more dynamic and also more pervasive since people are doing it all the time. It’s just really going to blow up the amount of data people can access; data that you never thought you would find before. For example, what does the bathroom look like in the restaurant that I want to eat at? With Google Glass, you would be able to look for that information.

The Scariest Thing

The scariest thing about Google Glass is that it’s just a fraction of the wearable devices that can be wired to the internet. We’re talking about contact lenses, shoes, jackets and all other things wearable. These wearable devices can capture all sorts of information and not just the surrounding or ambience information as well as information about your body, heartbeat, digestive processes, blood compositions and so forth.

Imagine all these information gathered by a huge amount of people all being pumped into a central database and then fed through several layers of algorithms and software. It’s both very exciting and scary at the same time. While I’m sure many safeguards against personally identifiable information can be put in, there’s still a lot of information that you don’t want to go out and also a lot of information that is down right is scary. While at we are excited about wearable technology, we’re also very apprehensive about it. We suspect that you should do the same thing.

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