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Google Android Reaches One Billion Activation Mark

In news that is sure to bring tears into the eyes of Apple iPhone executives, Google has proudly announced that its Android operating system has reached the one billion activation mark. This is a great news for anyone looking for a cheap and accessible mobile phone. It is also a good news for people who run closed operating systems and look to make money charging for premium brands. In other words, this isn’t good news for Apple at all.

If that isn’t enough, Google also announced that it will be launching an update to Google Android with new capabilities, tighter security and the other goodies you would require from the mobile OS update. The update in keeping with Google Android’s playful names is patterned after a food item. We already know about Jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich and now get ready for KitKat! That’s right! Google Android’s next OS name for its tablet and smart phone products is named after that crunchy chocolate bar, KitKat. It should be interesting to see what’s in this next OS update package. It might be that Google is giving us a hint that it would be quite sweet and tasty.

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