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Microsoft Increases SkyDrive Pro Storage Limits

Microsoft boosts it's skydrive service from 7gb storage to 25gb for both new and old clients.

Microsoft boosts it’s skydrive service from 7gb storage to 25gb for both new and old clients.

As we mentioned earlier in a separate post, Microsoft, for all its problems under Steve Ballmer’s administration has some bright spots. One of those bright spots is cloud computing initiative. Office 365 which involves migrating the old local hardware-based software to the crowd has been registering several wins and is showing quite a remarkable traction. Office 365 and Microsoft’s overall cloud computing initiative might yet prove to be the saving grace for Microsoft’s otherwise sad track record of failures when it comes to keeping up with long term tech trends.

In news that is sure to encourage its customers, Microsoft has increased the storage limits of SkyDrive Pro. It is an online business file storage that Microsoft offers to users of Office 365 and its online software offerings as well as standalone feature for people looking to store content online. Each user will now get 25 GB of storage. This is quite an improvement from the old SkyDrive Pro storage limit of 7 GB. This change will take effect for both existing customers and new customers. As for individual usage quota, SkyDrive Pro can now be increased from 25 GB to 50 GB and 100 GB. In addition to increasing storage space, the announcement regarding SkyDrive Pro’s storage limit also has a new technology announced called “Shared With Me” using this user view, users can find the shared documents more easily.

Other important developments for SkyDrive Pro include an increase in the upload limit for Sharepoint online, this has been reset to 2 GB per file. The default recycle bin retention time for files that are in the recycle bin has been increased from 30 days to 90 days and in what can only be described as good news for project manager’s version is now turned on by default. Overall, this is a great move for SkyDrive Pro because it can definitely strengthen Microsoft’s position in the cloud computing market. Do not expect this service to still be named SkyDrive Pro for long however, Microsoft is not putting up a fight against sky broadcasting groups claim on the SkyDrive monicker. This service will probably have a new name fairly soon.